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Our Policies and Procedures for Feral Cats

In the interest of giving the cats the very best medical attention possible, we have developed special protocols for feral cats at our clinic:​

  • If you need to borrow traps, or want to learn how to trap properly, please contact Critter Harbor at (715) 410-7666.

  • Twin Ports Spay/Neuter does not provide TNR services for feral cats between October 1st - April 1st, as outdoor temperatures are too cold for the cats to be returned to their habitat safely/humanely after being surgically shaved for the procedure.

  • The feral cat package cannot not be accepted online. Please call 218-623-6342 to schedule for this appointment.

  • All feral cats must come to the clinic in a secure, live-release trap. No exceptions. This is for the well-being of the cats, as well as for the safety of our staff.

  • Twin Ports Spay/Neuter does not hold feral cats overnight prior to their surgery day. Feral cats must be fasted by the trapper, with no food after 7 A.M. on the day of surgery. If there is a food bowl or tin in the trap with the cat, please just turn it over.

  • Feral cats must be admitted to the clinic at 8;00 A.M. Monday through Wednesday.

  • Feral cats will not receive a physical exam to determine fitness for anesthesia prior to receiving anesthesia.

  • Feral cats are required to stay overnight the day of surgery for further monitoring. They can be picked up at 7:30 A.M. the following day.

  • Please contact Twin Ports Spay/Neuter if you have any questions about these policies.

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