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Dental Cleanings

**Twin Ports Spay/Neuter is not currently performing dental services**

In April 2017, Twin Ports Spay/Neuter expanded our Wellness Services to provide dental cleanings for our patients.

We will provide dental cleanings, extractions, and dental radiographs for an affordable cost.  However, we are not able to perform endodontics.

For all dental patients, we require a pre-surgical exam at our Wellness Service where pre-operative antibiotic therapy can be initiated if needed and required blood work panels can be obtained.

All dental patients will receive the following: A dental examination, general anesthesia, teeth scaling, teeth polishing with a fluoride treatment, intravenous fluid therapy, antibiotics, pain medication during their dental procedure, 3 days of post-operative pain medication (more available if needed), and a complimentary nail trim.

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